The Vision of WASP™ founder David Tschirpke was direct and powerful:

“Design innovative wireless audio products to solve the problems of conventional wired and wireless systems. Search out the latest technologies, make them easy to use and décor friendly. And make damn sure they deliver high performance sound through any speaker.”

While David’s Vision may sound simple, accomplishing it with current technologies was impossible. The WASP team decided to change the game and literally set a new standard:

Where Hi Fidelity Wireless Audio meets the Interior Designer

  • David Tschirpke – Idustrial Designer/Founder: David started his consumer electronics career as a Custom Integrator. After years of designing, selling, and installing countless systems he realized there were no high-quality wireless audio solutions available to solve everyday installation problems. His engineering and installation savvy led to the founding of WASP® – Wireless Audio Solution Products™. David designed and developed WASP products from conception through production.  Like most engineers, life does not stop with one product or design. David’s passion and vision of the WASP® Brand and it’s product’s and technologies will allow WASP® to be a leading brand in the consumer electronics industry.
  • David Nudelman – VP Business Development: David has been in the consumer electronics industry his entire professional career working for leading manufacturers. Dave’s expertise in building symbiotic relationships with dealers and distributors will allow the WASP® brand to be the Brand to choose for their wireless audio needs.
  • Engineering – The WASP™ Team of engineers are leaders in their respective fields: wireless technology, high-end audio amplifier design, electronic system architecture etc…If you’re going to be a game-changer, only the best will do! Like all techies, the passion to innovate is neverending. They are secretly working in the WASP Nest on many more innovative Wireless Audio Solution Products for you.
  • Sales & Support – The WASP™ Team of sales and marketing professionals are dedicated to providing dealers and distributors the “Best in Class” support for all WASP™ products. Contact us for more information at any time.
  • Want to join the WASP™ NEST? A passionate Team of professionals, We Want You!Where’s your passion? music, theater, art, product design, marketing, sales, innovation, electronic design?If you are as passionate as we are and want to live your passion through your career while having fun doing it, Click button below. After all why go to work if it is not personally rewarding and fun?


  • WASP’s Founder – a former Custom Integrator started looking at wireless offerings available in the industry that solve everyday audio installation problems from an Integrator, Designer, and Consumers perspective, one thing became noticeably clear, there are none. While some companies offer wireless products it seamed they were designed as an afterthought with inferior wireless technology and low fidelity amplifiers.
  • Realizing no one was addressing wireless audio as a “Solution” for Custom Integrators, Interior Designers or Consumers, the WASP™ Company and it’s innovative patented products were created.

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  • WASP® has developed a line of innovative products designed specifically for the Custom Integrator called LINK-Family™. LINK-Family™ products consist of one universally compatible TRI-Band™ 2.1 Transmitter and a choice of high performance wireless amplified receivers: LINK-Mount™, LINK-Plate™, or LINK-InWall™:
  • LINK-Mount™ – Universal Wireless Amplified Speaker Bracket. Designed for “On-Wall” Speakers
  • LINK-Plate™ – Universal Wireless Amplified Speaker Plate. Designed for “In-Room” Speakers
  • LINK-InWall™ – Universal Wireless Amplified In Wall Module. Designed for “Architectural” Speakers
  • Each product share one common criteria: “Wireless audio without compromise”.
  • WASP® products are only be available through select Dealers.
  • Please contact us for more information.


  • The Future of Hi Fidelity Wireless has started…What’s next?
  • The WASP® Nest of designers and engineers are continually pushing the envelope to develop more innovative products.
  • What will be next? mmm… More wireless Channels or Zones, APP control, Design Styles, Colors?
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  • Have an idea? After all we design our products for you!

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