LINK-Mount™ – Universal Wireless Amplified Speaker Bracket




he patented LINK-Mount™ wireless amplified Speaker Brackets are designed for any brand wall mountable speaker. LINK-Mounts™ are wireless TRi-Band™ Receivers are compatible with the WASP® TRi-Band™ Wireless Transmitter (UWT-201x).There are 2 versions of LINK-Mounts™: UWSB-50x and UWSB-50x-1. The UWSB-50x includes the proprietary uncompressed wireless technology utilizing (2.4GHz, 5.2GHz, 5.8GHz ISM Band frequency) and high end mono-block Class D amplification. The UWSB-50x-1 has the same features as the UWSB-50x with the addition of a Subwoofer Output thus allowing for installation flexibility. One LINK-Mount™ UWSB-50x, One UWSB-50x-1, and One 2.1 Transmitter UWT-201x create the LINK-Mount™ 2.1 System.

To further enhance design flexibility, multiple pairs of LINK-Mounts™, LINK-Plates™, and/or LINK-InWalls™ can be added to a LINK-Mount™ 2.1 System in a multiple speaker applications such as multi-room audio or staggered surround speakers in a home theater application.

LINK-Mount™ brackets are designed primarily for retrofit installation, enabling you to easily use LINK-Mount™ brackets to install audio systems into existing homes where it was once impossible or impractical. LINK-Mount™ brackets can also be used in new construction resulting in a savings of time, materials, and labor.

LINK-Mount™ universal wall brackets are cleverly designed to be the size of a standard electrical wall plate allowing it to blend into any decor. The unique design allows you to choose most wall mountable speakers. LINK-Mount™ brackets’ ball-and-socket mount allow speakers to be mounted at the desired angle for best speaker performance. Cast from high quality Magnesium Alloy instead of flimsy plastic provides maximum strength and years of trouble-free support.

LINK-Mount™ brackets allow you to build truly high performance wireless audio on-wall integrated solutions as part of the LINK-Family™ of products.